Student-Athlete Vs. Non-Athlete

By: Jessica Funk Introduction Do college athletes have more academic success than non-athletes? The answer to this question could be yes and it could be no, there is no straight answer. According to Robinson in “Academics of College Athletes Vs. Non-Athletes.”, student athletes tend to have lower GPA’s, but they have a higher graduation rate. […]


Relating to a Hedgehog

By: Jessica Funk “Hedgehog” is a poem by Paul Muldoon. In this poem Muldoon is mainly describing a hedgehog. He talks about how the hedgehog is secretive and “shares its secret with no one.” The hedgehog stays to itself no matter what someone says to it, and no matter how much someone promises to love it. This […]

Too Focused On A Perfect First Draft

By: Jessica Funk In “Shitty First Drafts” Anne Lamott tell us about how a first draft is just so you can get your ideas onto the page. It doesn’t have to be pretty because you will come back and fix it later. I think that I worry too much about making my first draft perfect. […]

College Days Summary

By: Jessica Funk “College Days” was written by Garrison Keillor. In this essay Keillor tells us about how he grew up on West River Road and in high school he had great teachers who believed in him and pushed him to do his best. Then he tells us about his first day of college. He […]

Declining by Degrees

A little over ten years ago PBS showed a documentary called Declining by Degrees. In this documentary we were shown higher education from the point of view of students, professors, and administration from different types of colleges. One of the professors in the film said that she didn’t feel like she should have to stop and […]

Snow Day

By: Billy Collins In the poem “Snow Day” by Billy Collins, he described the landscape when it snows, his inability to go anywhere, and how all the schools and daycares were to be closed due to the snow. He describes himself as a “prisoner” (Line 16). He called himself this because he was not able […]